My father’s daughter…



father father burning bright,
whose to say who started the fight…
God oblivion…
embers burn in that losing fight…

I am my father’s daughter,
or so she said.
I am one, but there’s a thousand dead…

Walk me through the night she plead,
sticks and stones,
the walls were shed.
What lessons learnt,
while their bodies burned,
one heart of gold,
one heart cold-stone…

Daughter Daughter fearful slight,
one hand rocked the cradle,
one hand snuffed her light.

Mother mother, rain and thunder,
secret shames and storms of sunder,
frosted windows did a truth uncover…

lover lover flaming true,
my heart beats red,
but my love bleeds blue…

sometimes sacred,
soemtimes pure,
sometimes foul like a mouth full of sores…


wake up child,
from your pool of sweat,
another day comes,
another hurdle leapt…





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