Russian Roulette


Spin the wheel,

Take a chance,

Hit the muzzle,

Watch the big fall.

Down I fall on my knees,

Leaving behind all the ways I knew how

To be me…

This twisted version

That you see…

This is all that’s left of me…

But funny all the things I want even when the chips are down…

Watch. Break. Talk. Fall,

Cycle of life,

Circle of doom,

Find a way out,

Before we fall through the roof.

I should’ve left it alone,

I should’ve dealt with it on my own,

Cuz now we’re stuck, moving through this checkered maze,

Black, white, red’s,

All the bullets were a miss….

And now you wonder which ones will fit?

Play another hand, I wish,

Try your luck with this game full of twists,

Snap in a second,

Watch the moment drift with this,

Trigger that alter ego,

Cuz these words don’t sit.

Wait. Stop. Luv. Talk.

They’ve got a test for me,

I can’t let them win.

Dance in circles,

Let the numbers spin,

I tried so hard to quit,

But the roulette wheels always suck me in….


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