This time I was certain…



Walk around with all those masks on,

Who can tell at all?

This is where my scars were hiding,

Now you’ve gone and found them all…

Sitting naive, with dem old beliefs,

Pretty bird she took the fall,

Though the fault was not hers at all…

Who was I not so long ago,

So free, and so unafraid,

Guess you caught me at the perfect time,

Cuz I had just found my way back to smile.

And when your sadness was for certain,

Thought you’d always know you’d find your light.

My heart bleeds, see if you pull the curtain,

You’d see just how much I feel your pain.

See that’s how it is for the lonely ones…

Always so eager to forget themselves

Even as they watch the rain through chains….

Sometimes, just sometimes,

When the words aren’t enough,

I write like there is music in each word,

And I imagine as you read them, the notes play,

Just as they do for me…

So every word could sing my story,

Each note marking when the teardrops fell.

But really,

Who gave away my rights?

These are my stories,

These are my sounds and sights,

The ones screaming to be heard,

The ones fighting to keep the truth alive….

Did you forget?

Cuz I haven’t….

I can feel those restraints,

got my name on them..

But they weren’t build for me,

Weren’t built by me….

Weren’t meant for me…

I used to be the one she could quiet down,

I used to be the one carrying her burden around….

See but I had found my way,

Brought back the ‘me’ she’d led astray…

I am not a mouse in the garden,

I am not one limited by words on a page,

I am not a screaming siren,

But I am not one to be quietened,

I am not a crumbling bouquet,

I am not meant as a place for cowards,*

I am not meant to be the one that swayed.


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