Of scars and inheritance….



I’ve run so far….

But her shadows remain.

Embossed in places I can’t reach or find.

Sometimes, she is me, and I am she.

That’s the thing about flesh see.

What’s burnt once, can never be free.

There was wind I thought I’d left behind,

Tempest waged her wars divine.


Unsaid words have a way about them.

Festering… molding… scoop-worthy…

You left me with a million.

Many millions…

Too many millions…

And I think of rain.

Cleansing. Soothing.

But why can’t I wash you away?

The legacy of loss that I’ve survived,

remains a part of my inheritance,

And thrives…



You made me this way…

made me want to fix things before they  break…

For me,

For her,

For him….

Always him…

Forever him…

You didn’t leave me much, but you left me this:

I must find peace. Make peace. Create peace.

Fix. Poke. Fix. Please.

And in the end,

When all is lost,

Skin, heart, flesh, and soul  torn,

All that’s left is  you….


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