Realize.real eyes.real lies.


You remember the fires luv,

You and me, and all the nothingness…

Wedged within my subconscious,

I thought there’d never be love like this…

And I had dreamed and I wanted,

Fascination tugging at my soul,

Caught up in this imperial affliction,

Thought this love would cleanse me whole.

There were walls you’d helped break down,

Vaporizing fears that were my playground.

Through rain-filled days,

Through mid-night prayers,

Through secret kisses,

Through silent stares.

And all my songs asking you to stay…

I thought I’d carry your liquid eyes forever.

Thought they’d haunt me,

Like a phantom limb…

Like post-war earth that lay smoke-filled and bare…

Like the searing mark doomed cattle wear….

In that, you were much like the water…

Filling up my insides,

Keeping me floating, while I drowned in despair.

And then there was the fire,

Burning up my insides,

Keeping me enlightened, as my embers lay smeared.

I fought a hard battle,

Playing both sides fair.

But you heard those cries for second chances,

And I helped you build and repair,

Sealing all our fates with ashes,

It was worth it- I heard you swear.

And then it was time for quiet,

Silences, tears, desolation in private.

Wished you well, through tears defiant.

But now I run free, wild untamed,

Laughing through all those lies unchained.

I used to cry for pain you didn’t deserve,

Now I laugh at how the game’s preserved.

There are stories that I’ll never tell,

And the stars remain crossed, with you under her spell… 


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