Weekly writing challenge

                                                                      Picture Courtesy :   http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/writing-challenge-1000-words/


I wonder if this is how it would end up being. I’ve imagined this moment a thousand, no; a million times… what would this day really be like? A day that seemed just like all the other days we’d been living; heavy, and light, and colored, like the palette of a crazy painter… with the swirling mix of darkness that comes from your absence in me… and mine in yours… Perhaps in all the years that would’ve gone by, I’d have long become what distant memories are made of… the kind that eludes our memories… the kind that gives way for newer, seemingly better memories… to be folded away into the far corners of a box meant for things we used to love… Just like we remember how we loved something with the kind of passion only a child can freely give, and yet somehow, all the growing up had left us with hazy memories that one is too happy, or too preoccupied, or too afraid to try and recall. Except on whimsical Sundays…when the papers have been read, the dogs and cats have all been fed, the curtains have been dusted, and the mind is recovering from the hard week at work, then; a distant laughter, or the memory of a smile, or a line that once meant the world, would suddenly float by, light as a feather, but heavy as a ton of bricks, tugging at your heart strings and letting your eyes sting with a fresh bout of tears you hadn’t even known you had….. And just like that, on a busy street, as the world goes about its business, I’d find you, and you’d find me…. I’ve tried to imagine what that moment will feel like. Will I be able to calm my nerves? Will the lines on our faces bear proof of the life we’ve led without “us”?  Would you be able to tell of how I’ve lived through the lull and the storm, through the aches, through the waves of heartbreak that let me moan and bemoan at the loss of you? Would I be able to see the years of joy you so fervently sought—enough to walk away from me—perched so perfectly on your brows? Would we be joyous like these people seem to be?  Will I muster the courage to mask? Or will I cry? Tears come easy to me… but you already know that….just the memory of your face will do it… I can’t imagine what finding your eyes would do… For all the drama in the world, would this moment be bright and cheery, or dark? I wonder if the wind would know before I do…  Would the leaves around me rustle as the wind kisses its’ contours… whispering….warning me to brace myself because this magic wasn’t them, it was was you?  Would you know how to hold me like you used to, there in the corner of that bustling street, in the midst these strangers who know nothing of our story, and of our lives, and the tragic muse its’ played to all my creativity? And while you stroke my hair, and I listen to your heartbeat through your now tear-stained shirt, locked in an embrace that’s tight enough to tell the universe how all the years lost have been unfair….would you still be able to hear me say- I wish you’d never left….. I wish you’d never left….I wish you’d never left…




2 thoughts on “Weekly writing challenge

  1. I really liked this – it is the first time I tried the weekly challenge and I couldn’t wait to read what others had made of it – my heroine felt his heart beat through his t-shirt too!
    Very strong ending and lots of great description and I connected to this;
    -Except on whimsical Sundays…when the papers have been read, the dogs and cats have all been fed, the curtains have been dusted, and the mind is recovering from the hard week at work-

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