A day for a lifetime…

If I asked you for just one day love, and told you I’d trade it in for a lifetime… would you? If I said I wanted just one day, to fill all my senses, one by one, with just you?  If only for day, I could allow myself to really see you… and for a day, forget the forever that I must live, and the ones that I must give away… If I could just this once take all of you in, a thousand breathes a second, in my vain attempt to capture for the rest of my eternity—the sights and scents and ways that I love about you. If only for a day, I could show you all the million ways in which I still love you… All the million ways in which I’ll always love you… All the million ways in which I wish I could love you…so much that In this one day love, I’d find what I need, to continue on… living, breathing, and reconciling with the years left ahead of me without you. And come twilight, I’d gaze up at the sky and smile, for being under the same stars is the closest we will ever get to be… But not just yet love… First, I want my day… so much that the very thought of its impossibility brings me to the brink of insanity.  And then I ache… from longing… from wanting to hold you… and be held… from needing…lifetimes… the promise of the next life so great… sometimes I wish it would hurry up and get here… because I cannot wait till you are mine… all mine… forever mine… just like I have always been yours. I realize I’ve told our story in so many ways, and it’s all just the same… but they’re my escape; these words; for they let me live… another day… another way… So now I ask, would you stop time for a day love, be mine…let me have my way…? Every minute would stand for years from the lifetime we can never live… every second but a way to escape the irony that comes from being the keeper of secrets… yours.. mine… theirs…this breathlessness… this exhaustive, elaborate way in which I choose to stand before you …so fragile… the enormity of it all seems so great… the abundance of love on a foundation so frail…. I’m hurried… and I am patient… I am all kinds of me… wanting all kinds of you…

so spare me a day love and soon you can have this lifetime your way…


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