My forever place



I write to you everyday,

Letters that you’ll never read.

Telling you all of how I’ve run,

faster than how your heart bleeds.

But those yesterdays,

Your yesterdays…

They’re far away…

So out of reach…

And now its just a little too late,

to ask you to wait…

too late to say,

If only you could stay…

If only you could see,

How I see your battles,

If only you could feel,

The ways in which I feel your pain…

So take my forevers love,

And wipe your clouds away.

Lock them far,

into corners only I had once reached.

There they will lurk,

Reminding you and me sometimes,

Of all those tomorrows, and the yesterdays that we’ll never be.

And now,

 I ask that you be patient…

This is new…

And me,

I haven’t yet learnt to forget,

Our forever place,

Clear as the sky;

All blue, no greys instead…

And I’ll admit I don’t know yet,

How to stop wishing we could fly,

If only for day, just you and me,

without regret…




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