Heart of Stone…

Did you notice?

I was cold…


To the point that I could be.

I know you wanted me to be.

But you know,

That wasn’t easy.

It isn’t easy…

Will never be easy…

I suppose secret weeping never is.

But I know you hope it will.

One day.


That in time,

All of this will be a distant memory.

I can tell, you want it sooner though…

Sooner than the heart has learnt to heal.

Did you stop to comprehend?

I’m not one to write hapless sonnets

Proclaiming all I feel…

Why should I?

When the nuances of subtlety fit well

Within my need for metaphors…

And the world continues to breathe –


But here I am,


All my weaknesses -laid bare…

Why did YOU have to see?

You probably don’t know,

but when I was just a baby,

The kind with hopes and dreams;

She’d whisper over and over again,

How this heart that seemed to breathe,

Was cold, unfeeling, unliving…

What would say now?

If she could see…

Oh! if only she could see!

How this heart of stone bleeds…


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