Never in my wildest dreams…

I live, I breathe, I function… These are things one doesn’t think twice of… But there is emptiness where u once were.  I am consumed by it – Whole and soul.  Lines blur, melting, changing, folding… and now – I am it, and it is me. Yet ever so often, I am jolted from this half-life, and I call out. Words run their usual course, but somewhere along its’ way, the voice withers… and I’m back where I began… living my half-truths… finding comfort in the twisted… alone – this heart song plays on unheard… I know they see the prism and the rainbow colors… they think I have it all. and I smile… holding back my rivers – they’d wash away all that color they love so much…  I laugh a thousand tears, softly, in the quiet that is still mine. And I learn to shelter my hurt from your half-truth. All that is felt is no longer ours; but mine… just mine. And slowly – I begin to realize – Dodging curve balls doesn’t come easy. Not even in my wildest dreams…


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